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Confident Cueing MasterClass

 5 Easy Cues to Transform your Teaching

  • Are you a teacher who would like to fully understand the action of the cues you are using?

  • Do you feel like you use the same cues all the time and wish you had some alternatives?

  • Do you feel stuck and limited by the cues you were given in teacher training and want to adapt and explore new cues?

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Cues are the key to teaching yoga, they are the primary way we communicate with our students.  They help students get into poses. They tell students different actions to take.  They can help us create the balance of effort and ease when

 used functionally.

In yoga we talk a lot about stretching both our bodies and our minds.  As a teacher, this master class will give you the opportunity to stretch your understanding of different cues.

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This is a free master class that will:

  • Give you 5 powerful new cues that will transform your teaching.

  • That will up level your teaching tool box.

  • That will give you a new understanding of bodily action and functional movement to empower your students.

Saturday April 16th

11:30am-1:00pm EST on Zoom

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