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A Functional Anatomy Training for Yoga Teachers

Yoga is a way of LIVING and living starts in the physical body


It is time to give your students the whole-health healing benefits of the physical yoga practice!

Are you a yoga teacher who

• Feels overwhelmed when it is time to talk anatomy?

• Is doing your best but lacking necessary anatomy tools?

• Feels ineffective in applying anatomy knowledge when teaching?

• Wants to help your students feel better in their bodies and not sure how?

In this 4-part training series, you will learn to stop giving vague anatomy cues and instead replace them with cues that are inclusive, effective, functional and easy to understand
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Let's Talk Alignment

Yoga is so much more than exercise, it is full of philosophical, spiritual and mental practices, yet access to these practices start at the physical level. Yoga starts in the body. 

Because of this, understanding current exercise science and anatomy principles is absolutely necessary as a yoga teacher.


Alignment is a hot topic and I challenge the idea of “correct alignment.”

Teaching from “correct alignment” keeps teachers and students stuck in a rigid architecture rather than using functional alignment to provide cues and structures that gives you access to freedom and ease.  And it is freedom and ease that allows people to flow freely in their bodies.


This training is for

The yoga teacher who is ready to stand in front of the room with ease and confidence and deliver a yoga class that not only inspires, but delivers sound anatomical cues that leaves the students feeling good in their bodies.


It is for anyone who has completed or is currently enrolled in a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, any style, and is curious about shifting from “correct” or universal alignment to functional alignment in their teachings.

Through discussion, lecture and physical movement, you will explore up-to-date anatomy theories and principles for the whole body over the course of 4-weeks to include the spine and core, the pelvis and hips, the shoulders and how it all works together for whole-body integration.

This training series will give you what you need to easily integrate current exercise science and functional anatomy principles into your daily teaching toolbox.

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Graduates Will Leave With:

• Knowledge around how the body moves & how muscles and joints work that is fun and accessible.

• A new experience of functional alignment for you and your students.

• A newfound excitement and passion for integrating science based anatomy into your yoga practice and teachings.

• An elevated level of confidence in leading students through anatomy based physical practice.

• Knowledge around movements that increase risk in the body and how to modify to prevent injury.

• Inspiration to not just teach functional anatomy but to combine functional anatomy and use it as an access point to create bigger pathways for transformation in the yoga practice.




It is time to bring “how” we teach yoga current with what we know through exercise science. The act of combining science and yoga will give you the tools you need to talk about yoga as a healing practice, thus creating a pathway for the deeper levels of the yoga experience.

Training Dates + Details

Wednesdays 4:00 - 6:00pm EST

  April 27, May 4, 11 & 18


Sessions will be online via Zoom & will be recorded

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