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Being physically active came naturally to me. I played soccer, was a gymnast and was on the cheerleading squad.  As I got older, I was drawn to weight lifting, kickboxing, HIIT classes-anything that was high intensity, athletic and challenging. Eventually I found my way to yoga, took my first class and found that I felt awkward, didn’t feel that I was good and walked away feeling like I was being corrected the entire time. It took some time for me to discover a style that spoke to me and when I did it felt amazing in my body and I was hooked. I tried a different studio and tried a vinyasa class and liked the pace as a recovery day to the rest of my routine. Ten years later I decided to learn to teach yoga. One weekend of training eventually led to over 1500 hours of training.


Over time I have witnessed this trend in going harder, deeper and pushing your body to the limits. It occurred to me that the deeper teachers were getting into “the yoga” the less yoga was actually happening. I also witnessed a prioritization for attention to biology, anatomy and how the body moves lessening and teachers were either stressing “correct alignment” based on rules and principles that did not make sense or not speaking to alignment at all.

I have made it my mission to educate myself in multiple modalities, powerlifting, yoga, metabolic conditioning, and many more, to help teachers and coaches restore the emphasis on whole body health when they teach. To bring functional alignment back into our movement.


I believe that Living in alignment starts in the body. When we get the body aligned, functional and whole we can also connect our mind and spirit to our bodies. From here we can attend to our emotions, thoughts, feelings, our whole selves.

I truly believe that Union (yoga) has to start at the level of physicalness and that you must go through the physical body to get access to the mental and emotional body – they are all tied together. From here we can create and live a life of whole health.

Trainings + Certifications

• Over 2,000 Training hours with The Baptiste Institute

• Tier 3 Baptiste Certified Influencer

• 500 Hour E-RYT

• Continued Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

• Certified in Mindful Yoga for Veterans with PTSD

• Certified Barre & Spin instructor

• Training to be NSCA Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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